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July 12, 2024

Disqualification Report
In lieu of using the NJSIAA's Disqualification Form, our membership will submit all unsportsmanlike disqualifications for high school games officiated to the Chapter Recording Secretary through this form instead. The Recording Secretary will gather the information provided here and will provide it to the NJSIAA through their form on your behalf accordingly.

Please Note - While the NJSIAA's DQ procedure requires officials to file a report within 72 hours of the DQ, our chapter procedures will require you to file the report using this form here within 24 hours instead. This will give the Recording Secretary enough time to process and submit the report within the 72 hour window.

If the crew or official has determined that a player or coach should be ejected from a contest, use the following procedures to report the ejection to the school and the NJSIAA:
    A. Inform the head coach if it is a player. If the head coach was ejected, find out what assistant will be replacing him. Also, notify the school AD, if present.
    B. Upon completion of the game, inform the school AD of the player ejection, if the AD is present.
    C. Upon completion of the game, contact the assigner and submit the form below regarding the ejection no later than 24 hours after the game. In the report, identify the player by team, number, and name (if known). Also, write a brief synopsis of the events leading to the ejection, and what official(s) ejected the player/coach. If the ejection was for conduct that violated the NJSIAA sportsmanship policy, make special note of it.
    D. The Recording Secretary will compile the information and submit the report to the penalized player/coach’s school and the NJSIAA.
    E. All communication will go through the Recording Secretary. You should not have any other contact or communication with the school.

WARNING! Unauthorized access to this computer system is prohibited, and is subject to criminal and civil penalties. Your information is captured during each visit and will be reviewed by system administrators.

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