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June 22, 2024

Concussion Certification 2024-25

Welcome to the concussion upload page. Every official is required to submit proof of completion of the NFHS concussion class every season. You can find the NFHS class here. You will need to setup an account with NFHS or use an existing account from prior years. The course is free and they provide support to officials who do not have an account or are having trouble logging in. Please contact NFHS directly for any issues you have completing the concussion course.

Here are Step-By-Step instructions to follow
1.) Complete the concussion course at NFHSlearn.com and save to your hard drive
2.) If you already know your Online PIN, skip to step 5. Otherwise, proceed to step 3
3.) Type in your email address and press "Send me my PIN"
4.) After clicking this button, check your email for the PIN; it will be delivered within a few minutes. If unsuccessful, check SPAM folders and/or add donotreply@refsec.com to your contacts / safe senders
5.) Type in your email address as your login and PIN number
6.) Click the [Choose File] button. A pop-up window to choose files will open up
7.) Find concussion certificate from step 1 and click the icon/filename for it in the window
8.) Click the [OK] (Windows) or [Choose] (Mac) button. The pop-up window will go away.
9.) Click the [Upload File] button
10.) Check your email for a confirmation receipt. You will also see a message in red that says "File Uploaded Successfully" upon completion
Please note. Concussions loaded after July 1 are automatically applied to your other RefSec membership(s) for other sports for the year.

Please select the concussion file from your local device that you wish to upload


WARNING! Unauthorized access to this computer system is prohibited, and is subject to criminal and civil penalties. Your information is captured during each visit and will be reviewed by system administrators.

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